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Cryptocurrency has been a popular topic of discussion for several years. However, at the end of 2017, with bitcoin futures trading beginning on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the conversation has seemed to reach a fever pitch. But what is cryptocurrency? And what’s behind it’s meteoric rise?

Cryptocurrency Defined
Like money, a cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange. However, the cryptocurrency is virtual or digital, meaning that there is no physical coin or bill that owners of the currency possess. The “crypto-“ part of its name comes from the fact that it uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions. Additionally, a common characteristic of many cryptocurrencies is their decentralized nature: Whereas typical currencies are issued from a central bank, cryptocurrencies cut out the middlemen as a peer-to-peer system. This decentralization is touted as one its principal benefits, as it might increase transaction speed and let users avoid fees charged by banks and other more traditional financial institutions.

What Is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin, which was created in 2009, is credited as the first decentralized cryptocurrency. It’s also the first cryptocurrency to have its futures traded on a major exchange. Holders of Bitcoin are able to use it just like any other currency at thousands of vendors, including Overstock and Subway.
Bitcoin, though, has garnered widespread attention not only for its increase in popularity as a digital currency, but also for what is perhaps its biggest innovation: blockchain.

What is Crypto Faucet?
A crypto faucet is a website that will give you satoshis in exchange for viewing ads or completing simple tasks. A satoshi is the smallest trading unit of a coin, worth 0.00000001 BTC in the case of BitCoin. Crypto faucets exist for most alt coins. From the most popular, BitCoin, to the most fun and useful, Dogecoin, you’re sure.
Crypto faucets are about as close as you can get to regularly getting coins for free. In a lot of cases you simply have to solve a captcha and collect your satoshis. Let’s look at how it works and how you can get started in the world of cryptocurrency.

What is
Moonbitcoin Cash is a bitcoin cash faucet with a difference.Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, we allow you to claim as often or as little as you like* 
The faucet will gradually fill up - quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time - until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim.
You may prefer to claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away!

What is CoinPot? is a new faucet platform for Earn Bitcoin and Doge and Litecoin …
CoinPot is a brand new cryptocurrency microwallet, designed to collect and combine faucet payouts and earnings from a number of different faucets/sources — such as MoonBitcoin, BonusBitcoin, Bitfun and others.
CoinPot supports multiple currencies: bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin initially.
If you had ballance on these faucets, now all your previous transactions have been transfered over to CoinPot automatically.

CoinPot Faucets:
Moon BitCoin – Stacking. SolveMedia captcha to claim.
Moon LiteCoin – Stacking. SolveMedia captcha to claim.
Moon DogeCoin – Stacking. SolveMedia captcha to claim.
Moon Dash Coin – Stacking. SolveMedia captcha to claim.
Moon BitCoin Cash – Stacking. SolveMedia captcha to claim.
BitFun – Pays BitCoin. Stacking. SolveMedia captcha to claim.
Bonus BitCoin – Pays BitCoin. Stacking. SolveMedia captcha to claim.

What Is A Micro Wallet?
A micro wallet is a holding space for your cryptocurrency. In my article on FaucetHub, I described it as a draft email. A micro wallet collects all of the drips from the faucet. All of those small satoshi transactions accumulate until you have enough to withdraw your coins to your own wallet.
Imagine a friend owed you $10. If they offered to pay you $0.01 every day until the debt was paid off, you would think that was ridiculous. You’d end up with a pocket full of near useless pennies. Even worse, you might become that old lady at the grocery store counting out change for half an hour. No one wants that.
A better idea would be for your friend to put a penny each day into a jar on top of their dresser. When $10 was reach, they could take the pennies to the bank, and get a crisp new $10 bill for you.
A micro wallet is like that jar. A micro wallet collects small transactions and then sends a payment to your own wallet once your withdrawal minimum has been met. That way you get one normal transaction, instead of hundreds of tiny ones.

Below I discuss two of the most popular micro wallets. Each of them has a set of faucets that it supports. It’s important to link the right micro wallet with the right faucet. If you don’t, then your faucet earnings will never find you.

There are faucets for all kinds of different cryptocurrencies, and many will even let you convert on their platforms. But some work better for certain coins than others. Here are some of the best faucets for each of these top coins. ..

Best Bitcoin Faucets
There are some really fun Bitcoin faucets out there, and some really boring ones, depending on how you like to spend your time. Here are a few recommendations below (for a more extensive listing, read our article, “9 Best Bitcoin Faucets in 2018“).

Moon Bitcoin – Moon Bitcoin is a favourite among many, because it’s got a simple interface and a good referral system. It’s also available for other coins, so it doesn’t appear on the lists below, but just know it’s equally good for them.
Bonus Bitcoin – This faucet system is known for having a ton of faucets. If you’re waiting for one to let time elapse, just tap into another one in the meantime.
FreeBitcoin – With a simple user interface that’s free of annoying popups and a range of ways to play, FreeBitcoin is one of the best faucets. One bonus to this site is that they pay interest on your account as long as you have a minimum balance of 0.0003 BTC. They also offer a referral program that pays out a 50% fee on new members you bring in for life. ..

Best Ethereum Faucets
FaucetDump – despite the less than appealing name, this site offers over 400 different Ethereum faucets. So, like with Bonus Bitcoin, you can click around from faucet to faucet while you wait for others to run out of time. They do require that you turn your adblockers off though.
Ethereum Faucet – It’s possible to make a decent amount of Ether on this faucet site, but like the other ones, it just depends how much you’re willing to put into it. This is one of the sites that’s available on FaucetDump as well.
EtherumClix – As the name suggests, these faucets work by clicking through ads. While it doesn’t pay a great deal more than the other Ether faucets, there is a 50% referral bonus that you don’t have to build up to. ..

Best Dogecoin Faucets
FreeDoge – What’s in a name? Everything if you’re FreeDoge, because that’s exactly what you’re likely looking for if you’ve come to a Dogecoin faucet. This simple platform releases coins every hour, with the website saying it’s up to $150 in Doge.
ClaimDoge – Keep it simple. Every five minutes there’s a new amount of Doge released. All you have to do is sit back and wait.
DogeMania – Like the others, this is a fairly straightforward type of faucet that relies largely on advertising to make up their faucet money.