What is Buzz Coin (BUZZ)? Beginner's Guide on Buzz Coin.

BUZZCoin (BUZZ) is an innovative non-profit blockchain implementation focusing on bringing a sustainable BUZZ into the Energy and Organic Bee Farming sectors. Open Source at our core, we empower innovative growth for the entire planet.
The project aims to create a blockchain-based global network in the organic bee farming sector. It claims that its BC-HMD™ and the BC-QMM™ devices will power the BC-HMN™ (Hive Mind Network) to increase global awareness in the way bee hives are maintained and monitored.

BuzzCoin (BUZZ) Ranked 1350 in Coin Market Daddy Currencies Index. BuzzCoin (BUZZ) price is $0.000008. It has a current circulating supply of 19,999,999,594 BUZZ and a Marketcap of $160K.  BUZZ trading is available in number of exchanges. Exchanges information is updated automatically. Stay tuned to check updated information. If you find any error on this page, please Contact Us to update BuzzCoin (BUZZ) and contribute to CMD Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia.

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About Buzzcoin
Buzzcoin is a new cryptocurrency that has been created with the aim to help provide investors with a system “ that will reward them with systematic profits at the end of every month”. This project is a ‘Proof of Stake’ based venture, and according to market analysts, customers can expect handsome returns on a near monthly basis.

Other important details regarding Buzz include:

(i) Open Source Based:
When looked at from a technical vantage point, we find that Buzz operates as a “completely open source project”. As a result of this, people can contribute and make the company grow leaps and bounds.

(ii) Incentivized:
A major feature that makes this platform so appealing, is its use of an incentive system which allows us to receive profits in a steady and safe manner.

(iii) Several Ongoing Projects:
The folks over at Buzz are working on a wide array of blockchain based products including advanced payment systems, social platforms. All of the details are presented with full transparency on the official company website.

(iv) Community Driven:
One of the features which sets Buzz apart from all other crypto services is its use of ‘community structures’. Through the combined effort of developers and customers, Buzz has been able to create its very own community that has helped it spread it reach globally.

BUZZcoin 4.0
As cryptocurrency technology continues to evolve, so does the BUZZcoin protocol. The next release is BUZZcoin 4.0, which will move the blockchain away from the outdated Bitcoin protocol and will also feature Masternodes. Masternodes are becoming more popular among cryptocurrencies thanks to features like instant and anonymous transactions and the additional security that they offer. Launching a Masternode will cost 25 million BUZZ and allow for double the rate of swapping for BUZZcoin 4.0 to BUZZcoin 5.0.

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How BUZZcoin works
BUZZcoin does not implement any ICOs. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The BUZZcoin project is rethinking solving the issues around bee hives by trying to ensure that they are monitored and maintained.
This is done through The BUZZcoin Hive Mind Device (“BC-HMD”) and its Queen Middleware Masternode (“BC-QMM”) which are the BUZZcoin project’s first products. These devices are innovative, gathering essential information for beekeepers in real time. It tries to reward its users by providing cryptocurrency for those who are involved in this and helping with the essential data.
This system uses smart contracts to power its devices and thereby contributes to providing this essential data. These smart contracts also make it possible to get rewards according to contributions and data collected. This straight forward process and data collection system first saves it locally before it is downloaded or uploaded when a network connection becomes available when it is then processed in the cloud. Once this is done, it is able to calculate its reward rate ensuring some accuracy and efficiency to its reward system.
The data collected is analyzed and rated in accordance with set ethical bee keeping standards. The reward class is set by the Queen Middleware Masternode Device. More information and essential details about the reward component of this system are to be announced following the BUZZcoin Core Upgrade and the BC-HMD prototype testing phase.

Environmentalists have been concerned about the threat to bee populations for many years now, and there are many industries who are working to come up with a solution to a problem that will have a serious impact on our ecosystem. BUZZcoin is doing what it can to help by using a small device based on the blockchain to help record and communicate information that may factor into finding a way to save bees and our future.

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