What is Orbis(OBT) Coin? Beginner's Guide on Obt Coin.

Obt coin

Obt Coin is a based on NEO blockchain. The most actual price for one Orbis Token [OBT] is $0.002620. Orbis Coin has a current supply of 68,960,126 OBT with 19,167,751 OBT in circulation.  Orbis Token is listed on 1 Exchanges with a sum of 1 active markets. The 24h volume of [OBT] is $50.00, while the Orbis Token market cap is $76 219.00 which ranks it as #1600 of all cryptocurrencies. 

A cryptocurrency is not a type of currency which can be used in the real world. It can be used to perform transactions only in the digital world. So in order to buy/sell using a cryptocurrency, it has to be converted from a digital form to some existing currency which is used in the real world. Eg: Dollars, Euro etc.
Cryptocurrencies are also marked by decentralized control. Cryptocurrencies’ supply and value are controlled by the activities of their users and highly complex protocols built into their governing codes, not the conscious decisions of central banks or other regulatory authorities. In particular, the activities of miners – cryptocurrency users who leverage vast amounts of computing power to record transactions, receiving newly created cryptocurrency units and transaction fees paid by other users in return – are critical to currencies’ stability and smooth function.
An introduction to cryptocurrency, also known as crypto, its applications, and the underlying blockchain technology.

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What Is Bitcoin?
Obt coin

Bitcoin, which was created in 2009, is credited as the first decentralized cryptocurrency. It’s also the first cryptocurrency to have its futures traded on a major exchange. Holders of Bitcoin are able to use it just like any other currency at thousands of vendors, including Overstock and Subway.
Bitcoin, though, has garnered widespread attention not only for its increase in popularity as a digital currency, but also for what is perhaps its biggest innovation: blockchain.

What is Orbis Coin?
Orbis is a blockchain project that looks to provide secure, decentralized, and open networks for Bluetooth communities. The aim is to bring the range of applications of Bluetooth Mesh networks (smart manufacturing, smart homes, automation, and peer networking) to individual consumers who are currently locked out of the market. And to facilitate development using their platform.
Orbis delivers secure, global, decentralized, and open networks of Bluetooth communities that anyone can participate in. Orbis aims to make Bluetooth mesh development easily accessible to third-party developers with implementations such as IoT, crowd-gathered data, digital infrastructure, logistics, and systems management. For consumers, Orbis apps will bring unique functionalities unattainable with conventional WiFi based apps.
Orbis also wants to establish a decentralized messaging network which is not susceptible to infrastructure damage. And which does not require costly connectivity implementations.

What is NEO Technology? Obt Coin is a based on NEO blockchain.
NEO is a non-profit blockchain project, which is supported by the NEO community. The developers of NEO combine digital assets, digital identities with Smart Contracts to a Smart Economy. Their goal is to dominate the market of tomorrow’s electronic contracts. The project was founded in 2014. Currently, the company has a market capitalization of 2.7 million US dollars, of which almost 300,000 US dollars are traded daily. The NEO token currently costs 42 US dollars (as of 20 November 2017). NEO is often referred to as the Ethereum China´s and is therefore not just a cryptocurrency. This blog post takes a closer look at the Smart Economy.
Obt coin

NEO — The Smart Economy
The Smart Economy consists of three components: digital assets, digital identities, and Smart Contracts.
Digital Assets
Assets are financial products that offer investors the opportunity to invest capital. Depending on the financial product, this can be for the purpose of risk hedging, securing liquidity or accumulating assets. Digital assets exist in the form of data records on the blockchain (What is blockchain?). They are programmable and stored decentrally by the blockchain technology, traceable, trustworthy, transparent and do not require a third party for processing.

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OBT tokens by Orbis
OBT is the Orbis token, the cryptocurrency of the platform. And it will run on the NEO blockchain.
OBT will be integral to the use of the Orbis network. Developers for consumer usage of their apps, and consumers for participation in OrbisWeb. Consumers will be able to spend their OBT tokens in the OrbiStore to purchase apps. And eventually, products such as stationary nodes.
The white paper also states that, in order to avoid devaluation of OBT, additional coins will be minted to counteract inflation. And these coins will be spread among OBT holders accordingly!

# Mint token
The mintToken function of a smart contract implementation for OBTCoin, an Ethereum token

Also it couldn’t be more simple to get free OBT tokens, which is a good thing, right? First of all, this airdrop is made in partnership with cryptodisrupt.com. So you’ll need to visit this page to apply. And you’ll be able to join the airdrop after completing a couple of social interactions. These mostly require you to follow Orbis or Crypto Disrupt on social media or join one of their mailing lists.
Once you’ve done that, all you have left to do is enter your email address and your NEO public address. Be sure to use a NEO address that you control and not an address for an exchange. And click on Join The Airdrop. That’s it!

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Commonly Asked Questions.
What is the Orbis(OBT) Coin price today?
The current price of Orbis Token is 0.00262 USD today.

Will Orbis Token price drop / fall?
Yes. The price of Orbis Token may drop from 0.00262 USD to 0.0002020 USD. The change will be -92.291%.

Will Orbis Token price grow / rise / go up?

Will Orbis Token replace / surpass / overtake Bitcoin?
According to our predictions, this won't happen in near future.