Factom Price Prediction 2019 2020 2025


Factom price prediction or you can say Factom forecast is done by applying our in-house deep learning(neural network) algorithm on the historical data of FCT. Based on the historical price input data the system predicts the price of Factom (FCT) for various period of the future

What Is Factom?
Factom is a blockchain protocol that separates the immutability of blockchain technology from the currencies that are usually associated with it. This makes it easier and cheaper for businesses to store data on the blockchain.

Factom attempts to solve three main problems seen in the Bitcoin network:

SpeedBitcoin transactions take at least 10 minutes for a single confirmation. With a community standard of 6 confirmations before a transaction is fully processed, many of them take over an hour.
CostBitcoin transaction fees have been increasing and may continue to do so as more transactions enter the network.
Bloat With 1MB block sizes, the number of possible transactions per second is capped. Even the implementation of Segregated Witness (SegWit) and the Lightning Network may not be enough of an improvement to curb Bitcoin’s scaling issues.

What Is Factom? – Summary
As we have mentioned before, Factom is a cross-chain solution that allows independent nodes from everywhere to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. It is basically an enterprise-grade blockchain layer and it acts like a ‘decentralized’ and immutable directory. The goal is to be able to ‘utilize’ the power of the blockchain without having to worry about the scalability limitation that has been haunting public blockchain systems since many years ago. For example, both Bitcoin and Ethereum suffered a lot of traffic congestion issues two years ago in 2017, when both prices went through the roof. Many traditional companies have been doubting the sustainability of blockchain technology.

Factom Currently Statistics
FCT has a unique system when it comes to token supply. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, the total coin supply for FCT is not capped at any number. And 73,000 FCT coins are released every month to increase the supply. At the time of this post writing, the circulating supply of FCT was at 9,822,066 coins. One FCT coin was worth $2.76 USD. The daily trading volume was around $595000. The market cap was at $27,131,896 USD.

How to buy Factom?
FCT is listed on most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. In particular, it can be bought on Bittrex, Poloniex, Bit-Z, and others. It is not possible to convert cryptocurrency into fiat money directly. First you need to sell it for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, you can exchange FCT without additional trades by using an exchanger. You can monitor the Factom price at CoinMarketCap any time.

Where to Store FCT
You have two recommended wallet options to store your FCT:

#1 Secure (Encrypted) Enterprise Wallet
#2 Ledger Nano S

Market Prediction For Factom By Experts
As Factom and Bitcoin are correlated, there are many widespread speculations revolving around the potential of Factom. Factom ICO price and rating were also high. Let us check what the major price prediction sites have got to say:

#1 Trading Beasts
Trading Beasts is a price prediction website which has given a relatively pragmatic prediction and mentioned that FCT might reach as much as $30.37 and $20.67 to the minimum.

#2 Digital Coin Price
Digital Coin Price has given quite a conservative prediction for Factom, where they believe that Factom might reach $10.81 by the end of 2019, which can reach $13.32 by 2020.

#3 Coin Fan
Coin Fan is a daily cryptocurrency price prediction site which believes that by 2019 end, Factom might reach as much as $62 and as low as $45, wherein even the lowest figure shows a lot of optimism.

#4 Crypto Ground
Crypto Ground has given a detailed prediction on Factom on a yearly basis where it stated that in a year, FCT might reach $7.68 and in 5 years, it might reach $67.8135.

Factom Price Prediction 2019
Very recently, Factom has entered into a partnership with Systems Planning and Analysis (SPA) with the aim of developing blockchain based platform which would address the needs of the US Federal government customers and has been all over Factom news. Not only that, even there has been an announcement of its partnership with China’s prominent and independent B2B video network, Yooya which is set to power the Factom Harmony platform through Wancloud, Factom’s re-seller in China. Even there would be other partnerships down the line in 2019 which might enable integration of the Factom Harmony blockchain as a service into their solution. These all developments might make Factom a winner and the reason why Factom is going up. By the end of 2019 and it might hit the $50 mark.

Factom Price Prediction 2020
Staked, a startup that targets institutional investors of proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies has plans of supporting some of the digital cryptocurrencies, which includes Factom as well. By 2020, Factom might be one of the performing digital assets, with lots of partnerships and updates. THe BTC factor would always give it a big boost and it might soar high up and reach $86.3. It might even get more recognition all over the world, especially in the department of defense.

Factom Future Price Prediction In 5 Years
In 5 years time frame, Factom might get high adoption rate and its use case might increase substantially. Not only that, Factom can even go up the ranking order and its value is bound to increase once it gets its deserved audience. In 5 years, Factom might grow exponentially and its value might reach $108.87.

Commonly Asked Questions.

Q1. What is the current price of Factom (FCT)?
The current price of Factom is $2.77.

Q2. What is the current market capitalization of Factom (FCT)?
The current market capitalization of Factom is $26 552 857.

Q3. In 1 year from now what will 1 Factom be worth?
As per the forecast and algorithmic analysis, the the price of 1 Factom will be around $13.67.

Q4. Is it profitable to invest in Factom (FCT)?
The investment period is the number 1 decisive factor here. Based on last year price data the system would put "With Caution" investment status for Factom (FCT) as a short term investment.

Q5. How high can the Price of Factom go?
Our algorithm forecasts that the price of Factom will reach $20.41 by 2023.

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