How to View Full Desktop Version of Facebook Site on Android and iPhone.

Facebook is no exception to this general trend. Though their mobile app on iOS and Android theoretically features most of the same capabilities as the desktop version of Facebook, many prefer to access Facebook through the browser on their smartphone to save room or resources on their phone’s internal storage, or just to avoid the sometimes annoying design of the Facebook mobile app. It’s no secret that the Facebook app takes up a lot of room, battery, and memory on your phone, and the mobile site can be a faster or easier way to access your social feed on the go.

Most of the websites display a mobile version for users who are browsing the site from their mobile phones. So whenever you try to access Facebook through your mobile phone, it automatically redirects you to its mobile version.

This is done to provide a better user interface on a smaller screen and to reduce bandwidth as most of the people are not using a high-speed Internet connection on their mobile phone.

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Method 1 – Using URL
This is one of the simplest method to load Facebook full desktop website on your android phone. We can say that it's an official method from Facebook because the URL which we're going to use is FB's own URL. 

Just open your browser and enter this URL Don't forget to add 'www' in front of facebook.

It'll open up as a mobile website if you're not logged in, once you've logged into the Facebook, you can see full version of Facebook. 

Bookmark the above link to open it in one click or remember to add home.php every time you want to access desktop website.

Now you can access the Facebook desktop version for Android devices.

Avoid tapping on your Home & profile otherwise, it will redirect you to Facebook mobile version. You will be able to see news feed, messages, notifications and groups in desktop mode.

Method 2 – Using Browser Request
Please note that, this method sometimes doesn’t work because it’s up to Facebook whether they want to accept your request for a desktop site or not. But still no harm in knowing the method.

For Chrome Users
Open Facebook on Chrome browser. Then tap on the icon with three vertical dots from the top right corner. Afterwards tap on ‘Request Desktop Site’ from there.

For Safari Users 
First, open Facebook on Safari. Tap the options icon from the bottom of the browser, scroll to the right and then tap on ‘Request Desktop Site’.
I hope this tutorial helped you to browse the desktop version of Facebook from a mobile device.

For Windows Phone Users
Similarly, like Chrome and Safari Windows Internet explorer also have the option to view websites in desktop mode. This way you can access facebook full site on your Windows phone.

Open your browser and click the options button (three dots).
Scroll all the way down and tap on Settings.

Method 3 - Request Desktop Site
Simply enable Request Desktop Site on your browser. And then enter URL as to visit the Facebook desktop site from your mobile.

To enable Request Desktop Site simply click on options, and then tick mark request desktop site.

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