XMR Price Prediction | Monero Price Prediction For 2020, 2025 , 2030

Monero performed extremely well in 2018 and many investors are wondering whether it will be repeated in 2019. Those of you who are also questioning the future of Monero have come to the right place.

I will share the top Monero predictions 2020 in this guide. I will also cover the basics of Monero and its historical price trends so that you have a good understanding of what this cryptocurrency is capable of

Monero price prediction or you can say Monero forecast is done by applying our in-house deep learning(neural network) algorithm on the historical data of XMR. Based on the historical price input data the system predicts the price of Monero (XMR) for various period of the future. 

What Is Monero?

Monero, a fork of Bytecoin, is a secure, private, and untraceable currency, built on the Cryptonote protocol using Ring Signatures. Proof of Work mechanism called CryptoNight issues new coins which incentivize miners to secure the network and validate transactions. Originally launched in April 2014 as BitMonero, Monero (symbol XMR), means money in Esperanto.

The public and hidden Monero ledger allows anyone to send and receive transactions privately. This means no outside observer would know the sender, amount, or destination.

How Is Monero Different?

There are three main aspects of Monero’s privacy, which we’ll go over more: security, privacy, and the inability to be traced.

Basically, Monero hides its users and transactions. A user can choose to hide all traces of their transactions, including who they are, details about how much currency was exchanged and any information about who they executed a transaction with. Monero does this by using stealth addresses to generate encrypted addresses that can’t be linked to previous transactions.

All Monero transactions are private. They don’t show up on the blockchain, making them untraceable transactions. Part of the technology behind Monero includes ring confidential transactions, which hides the amount of Monero being sent. It inherently prevents any one from checking account balances of others.

Also, ring signatures are used, helping create multiple fake signatures. By having multiple fake signatures, it’s nearly impossible to link transactions to a user.

As to be expected, this type of obfuscation is drawing interest from the FBI.

Monero uses dynamic block sizes. Miners can choose to take a bigger or smaller transactions depending on the volume of the network. Proof of work verifies transactions and prevents malicious attacks.

Block rewards don’t drop below 0.3 XMR. Inflation is set at 0.3 XMR per minute.

Monero is a Cryptonote coin. In fact, it is one of the first. Cryptonote is an application layer protocol. It’s the reason Monero can provide many of its privacy features.

Cryptocurrencies built with Cryptonote can use decentralization, privacy, fungibility, ring signatures, egalitarian proof of work. Monero uses all of these features.

As mentioned earlier, Monero has a community of 30 developers and is open source, using popular, reliable languages such as C++.

Experts’ Opinion On Why XMR Price Will Rise

For years, the cryptocurrency community has praised Monero for demonstrating legitimate development work and innovative privacy features for its users. As such, the coin’s rise in value has always been expected. XMR currently sits at number ten on the crypto charts with a market cap of over $1 billion. Let’s take a look at why expert’s think Monero’s price is bound for greater heights.

The coin received a major boost from Peter Todd, a reputable Bitcoin Core developer, who stated that he prefers Monero over other digital currencies since it is a genuine crypto. He went on to say that the coin offers better privacy, it’s built on some real development work. It provides better security and privacy solutions.

John McAfee also gave a positive prediction regarding Monero. While he did not provide an exact Monero price prediction, he stated that the platform has the potential to challenge Bitcoin as a leading digital currency. He has been very vocal in support of Monero in several interviews and through several tweets.

Market prediction for Monero XMR Price 2020

With the market being completely unpredictable, forecasting the cryptocurrency price is really more of a gamble and luck rather than a data driven guesstimate.

Let’s throw a glance at the eminent publications and personalities, and their predictions regarding the XMR price, which will give us another point of view to consider:

Wallet Investor
Walletinvestor is a popular website that does technical analysis-based price predictions of various cryptocurrencies. According to them, XMR is expected to drop heavily to $13.38 in one year.

It is a forecasting agency which is specialized to predict the financial market, which has even predicted more than 100 cryptocurrencies. LongForecast predicts that Monero might be in the range of $554-$638 in April 2020 and go up to $810- $945 by December 2020.

Trading Beasts
Trading beasts display that Monero can reach around $200 by 2020.

Profit Confidential
Profit Confidential shares the prediction data based on factors like the current market trends, the technology, and the team. They predicted that Monero might soar up to $350 by the end of 2020.

Cryptoground predicts that XMR might rise to $118 by the end of 2020. They even added their version of XMR price prediction 2024, where they stated that XMR might reach $496 by 2024.

Digitalcoinprice gave a slightly positive prediction saying that by 2020 end, XMR might be just 30-40% more valuable than now – $87 per coin.

Monero Price Predictions 2020

2020 might see Monero hovering around the $100 and $200 mark. It can start on a good note where it might jump to about $200 in February and March, and straight to the $250 mark.

This year might mark as the benchmark year as Monero has never reached $250 mark before. Monero price 2020 might surge drastically as a result of the adoption rate.

Monero Price Prediction 2025

Monero is estimated to reach around 1397 USD by 2025. 2021 and 2022 might be seen as the rising year in the world of cryptos, where they might experience a rise like never before. It is expected that in 2023 it might make it to the $900 mark.

Monero Price Prediction 2030

Similarly, if XMR survives to see 2030, that would mean people became more aware of importance of privacy and defiantly use XMR which would all lead to the token being worth at least 100x than its hitherto all time high. That would mean XMR would cost $5000+ per coin.

Commonly Asked Questions.

Q1. What is the current price of Monero (XMR)?
The current price of Monero (XMR) is $59.4000.

Q2. Is it profitable to invest in Monero (XMR)?
Based on the data, it can be predicted that it is Profitable to invest in Monero (XMR) for the long term. By long-term, we mean that the Monero forecast for a period of 5+ years.

Q3. What will be the price of Monero (XMR) in 2022?
The price of Monero (XMR) in 2022 will be about $243.4329.

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