10 Best Router for Spectrum 100mbps in 2020

Are you searching for the best router for spectrum 100mbps but are you unable to find the best one in the market? This year brings a wide range of surprisingly new technology and upgrades for you to choose from. 

However, the problem is that describing these innovations may sound like a foreign language that goes over your head.

With this list of modems and routers, you can decode the jargon and get the answer to the questions you need when purchasing a router or a modem. Read on below to find the best router for your range and needs.

Top 10 Best Router for Spectrum 100mbps in 2020

1. NETGEAR WiFi Router (R6080)


Key Features

  • Frequency - 2.4 GHz
  • Brand - Single band
  • Coverage - 1000 sq ft
  • Device - 15
  • Mobile App - Yes
If you care more about getting the best possible router for spectrum 100mbps. It is the NETGEAR WiFi Router (R6080). This is also the best router for Spectrum 100mbps that you can check out. This one also comes under the same price as the Tenda AC1200. However, it comes with two other variants too.

The best part of this router is that it comes with fast WiFi performance. With this router, you will be getting up to 1000 sq ft wireless coverage with AC1000 speed (Dual-band up to 300 + 700 Mbps) as well as it can support up to 15 devices. And all of the devices can reliably stream videos, play games, surf the internet, and connect smart home devices.

There is also 4 x 10/100 fast ethernet port. As a result, you can connect your smart tv, gaming consoles, streaming devices, or any wired device with it and get to experience a fast internet speed. Even it comes with an interesting feature called smart parental controls. There is the Nighthawk app which lets you manage your device internet access and filter websites.

Moreover, it is safe and secure, too as it supports WPA2 wireless security protocols. It includes Guest WiFi access, DoS, Firewall, VPN, and more.

2. Tenda AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Gigabit Smart Router


Key Features
  • Frequency - 2.4 GHz
  • Coverage - 1000 sq ft
  • Device - 20
  • Mobile App - Yes
If you want to keep using both a separate modem and router. It is one of the best routers that you can check out there. The best part of this router is that it comes with an affordable price tag, which will go easy on your pocket.

Moreover, the router supports 802. 11AC, the next generation of Wi-Fi. As well as it offers you simultaneous 2.4GHz 300Mbps and 5GHz 867Mbps connections for 1.2Gbps of total available bandwidth.

To offer you a faster internet service, the router also comes with two external antennas. And these antennas can provide you with a stable yet reliable connection. Even you will get to see a good speed from a greater distance.

Even to make it easy for you to manage your network settings, there is the Tenda app. Using the app, you will be able to do almost all the things related to your router as well as it comes with full Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000Mbps).

What’s more? It is offering you an industry-leading 3-year and free 24/7 technical support. So in case if you need their help, they will back you up. Overall, for the price, it is one of the best routers for spectrum 100mbps you need to check out.

3. TP-Link C1200 Smart WiFi Router


Key Features
  • Frequency - 2.4 GHz
  • Coverage - 1000 sq ft
  • Device - 12
  • Mobile App - No
If you want to buy smart WiFi router for spectrum 100mbps. This Router is also the best router for Spectrum 100mbps available out there. However, this costs a bit extra compared to the above-mentioned routers.

This Router is a dual-band router which upgrades to 1200 Mbps high-speed internet(300Mbps for 2.4 Gigahertz + 900Mbps for 5 Gigahertz). Plus on the other hand, it can reduce buffering and ideal for 4K stream. However, the drawback of the router is that it does not support WISP for wireless interface to Internet Provider.

Moreover, it comes with the Gigabit Ethernet ports, which is an ideal solution for any internet plan. Plus, it allows you to connect your wired devices directly. It was also offering you USB access. As a result, you will be able to share your USB drive content wirelessly.

Just like the above routers, it also comes with a TP-Link Tether app. As a result, you will easily be able to set up and manage your home network at home or remotely as well as you will be getting industry-leading two years warranty and FREE 24/7 technical support.

4. Tenda AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router


Key Features
  • Frequency - 5 GHz
  • Coverage - 2000 sq ft
  • Device - 20
  • Mobile App - Yes
Are you interest to buy best WiFi router, I have the Tenda AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router. This router is the cheapest router that you can find on this list. Also, the best router for Spectrum 100mbps that you can check out.

With this router, you will be getting Tenda's enhanced 1200 Mbps high-speed WiFi technology (300mbps@2. 4GHz +867Mbps@5GHz). As well as you can link up to 20 wireless devices like the Google Assistant, Alexa, and various streaming devices. As well as you will find a reliable connection.

It also comes with four Omni-directional antennas with beamforming and Mu-Mimo technology. This delivers a high-speed internet throughout your home and provides seamless coverage for up to 2000 Sq. Ft.

5. NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem CM1200 


Key Features
  • Coverage - 1000 sq ft
  • Device - No limit
  • Mobile App - No
The NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem was built for the ultimate speed possible, it supports cable internet plans with most major carriers at speeds of min is 100mbps.

This is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem that allows channel bonding on up to 32 download and 8 upload QAM channels. This gives it theoretical speeds of up to 10Gbps down and 2Gbps up. Plenty here to allow you to stream HD video, play games, or download files for multiple devices - all dependent on your ISP package and home router of course.

It has a one year warranty, a simple design and, like most consumer modems, it is very easy to set it up by simply plugging it in.

6. NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi 6 Router 


Key Features
  • Coverage - 3500 sq ft
  • Device - 15
  • Mobile App - Yes
If you care more about getting the best possible router for your network than you do about saving money on your internet bill, then the Netgear Nighthawk X6 could be the router for you.

It uses the wireless AC standard to provide combined wifi speeds of up to 3.2 Gbps, perfect for streaming multiple videos and transferring large files.

Its real standout feature is that it is Tri-Band, which allows wifi to be delivered on three separate bands. This will help reduce congestion and ensure you and your family get as consistent and fast a connection as possible.

All this is powered by a huge 1GHz dual core processor which means it won’t have trouble connecting multiple devices. Other features include beamforming, smart connect, and a USB 3.0 port for storage.

Basically, while it may take a bit longer before you start to save money, this is a great router for those that need the best possible performance on their network.

7.  ARRIS SURFboard SBG6900AC


Key Features
  • Frequency - 2.4 GHz
  • Coverage - 1500 sq ft
  • Device - No limit
If you want to keep using both a separate modem and router a bit much, then why not go for this offering from Arris? It combines a DOCSIS 3.0 modem with a Wireless AC1900 router.

The modem itself can handle internet download speeds of up to 686 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 131 Mbps. Of course, the speeds you actually get will depend on the speeds you get from Charter Spectrum but as long as they aren’t faster than the speeds the modem can handle you will be fine.

Even if the modem speeds are faster than the speeds you get, having a modem that can handle faster speeds will give you a bit of breathing space in case you choose to upgrade your service.

The router will have no problems handling the speeds provided by the modem (as long as you are in range). In fact, its Wireless AC will actually allow theoretical network speeds of up to 1.9 Gbps. This is great for handling multiple clients over your network.

The product comes with a 2-year warranty meaning you know you will be able to save on your internet bill for at least 2-years.

8. NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router


Key Features
  • Frequency - 2.4 GHz
  • Coverage - 2500 sq ft
  • Device - 45
  • Mobile App - Yes
If you have a modem or want to use the modem provided by Charter Spectrum with the wifi turned off, then you will need to buy a router. The Netgear R7000P is kind of a budget router these days, that offers some great features that will be fast enough for most people out there.

If speed is what you are after then you will be pleased to know that it uses the Wireless AC standard to help ensure faster speeds throughout your network. As well as this, you of course have the option of using Ethernet cables for those devices that need a consistent and reliable connection.

It has an 1GHz dual core processor so it should be able to handle multiple devices being connected at once and it also has some extra features such as Quality of Service, a USB 3.0 port, Beamforming, and the Netgear Genie app.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Spectrum Compatible Router
Spectrum Router

Better Performance & Faster WiFi Speed
​Getting your own Spectrum compatible router means that you will be able to find a router that actually accommodates the performance that you require.

The basic rental router from Spectrum cannot take into account what your network needs for performance. It has no idea how much you game online or stream.

When you buy your own router, you can look for the high speeds, going over a Gig, which will help you do anything that you want to online.

Eliminate Rental Fees
​We don’t know anyone who likes paying monthly fees for anything, let alone the internet. Spectrum offers you a rental router for $5 a month.

For most people, this is about the cost of a cup of coffee. But $5 a month turns into $60 a year. Why would you pay $60 for a router that you still don’t get to own and that only has mediocre features? You should not have to.

Extended Wireless Coverage
​Think about the size of your network in physical dimensions. Maybe you live in an apartment or a one-story house with a basic layout and the router that you can get from Spectrum is adequate.

But for a lot of people, a rental router does not provide the level of coverage that you truly need. Instead, you can buy a router that is made to take on your home network’s size and dimensions, eliminating the risk of dead spots.

Better Network Security & More Features
​A rental router might come with some features, but chances are that they will not be the features that you truly need. If you need more security, such as a VPN or firewall, you will want a router that comes equipped with them.

You also might want more efficient features, such as MU-MIMO or 4K streaming, neither of which you will find with a basic router. When you buy your own, you can get one that meets your network’s needs.

Spectrum Compatible Routers For 2020

Spectrum Approved Routers
Buying your own router that is not what is sold or given to you by Charter Spectrum is the way to go without a doubt. But committing to buying your own router is only half the battle. There is still the question as to whether your router is on the list of Spectrum approved routers.

Factors To Consider When Buying A New Spectrum Router

​When you are looking at buying a new Spectrum router, you will need to first consider how many devices that you have connected to your network.

Take into account computers, televisions, tablets, smartphones, and game consoles. Some routers can really only handle one streaming device at a time.

You should get one that can handle all of your devices. Smart homes especially have a high quantity of devices and will need a router that can accommodate them.

Your Internet Speed Package
​You might be looking at a router that claims to reach speeds up to 7 Gbps. But if your Spectrum speed package is only 100 Mbps, you are never going to get the speeds your router can handle.

There is no reason to spend the extra money for a router that has extra speeds that your internet can’t get close to. Likewise, don’t get a low speed router if your internet package is high speed.

What You Do Online
​Probably the most important factor to consider when looking for a router for Spectrum is to think about what you are doing online. 

If your network is mostly made up of users who browse social media, you do not need a high performance router.

Meanwhile, if you have several devices streaming content at the same time, you will want a router that knows how to manage multiple streaming devices across your bandwidth.

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